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We offer 15% discounts when you visit our website and provide your
email contact information. We don't share this information with anyone.
The information will be used to provide our customer with massage discounts during the week at different times of the day, letting you know
the status of MT's availability, who's on duty, and business closer dates.
By submitting the information below, you agree to receiving information
from Rong-Massage.com and it's Owner.

Please select all fields below and enter your information. After you submit your information, you'll receive a text confirmation. In order to receive your 15% discount, you must show text confirmation and date. Text confirmatioms outside of the date of your visit will not be accepted. Submit your information before or at time of visit in order to get our discounts. Our discounts are on Tuesdays, and on days that we offer specials.

Also, by providing this information, you will become registured and this allows you to text us your request for massage appointments. Appointments by phone or text my require a deposit if you are not registured. Your deposit amount is credited to your session, and non refundable. If you're 10 minutes hehind your scheduled appointment, your deposit is forfeit or you maybe required to wait 30-90 mins for next available Massage Therapist (MT). You may cancel an appointment 24 hours before scheduled appointment. Call for appointment confirmation if no reply in 30 minutes. Thanks for visiting the number one professional Massage Therapists in the San Antonio and Austin Texas area.

!!Only fill out information below for APPOINTMENTS!!

1)Traditional Massage(TTM)

2)Deep Tissue Massage(DTM)

3)Swedish Massage(SM)

4)Hot Stone Massage(HSM)

5)Four Hand Massage(FHM)

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